Engine Overhaul


      Thai Airways International Public Company Limited the first Asian airline operating  high-thrust CF6-50 engines and also the launch customer of  A300-600 aircraft with CF6-80C2 engines,  is still  maintaining its capabilities of CF6-80C2 engine overhaul.
With more than 30  years of experience, we are confident of being leading MRO  in GE CF6-80C2 engine overhaul. In addition, as having PW4158/4164/4168 engines and RR Trent 500/700/800/900 engines being operating in the fleet, our THAI Technical is continuing maintaining and developing capabilities to self sustained all required maintenance.

      In our CF6-80C2 engine shop, we strip an engine to its smallest components. The latest Digital Electronic Automation three-dimensional measuring equipment are  utilized to conduct for diagnostic tests. We also employ more traditional non-destructive testing methods including ultrasonic, eddy current, dyepenetrant, X-ray, and magnetic particle equipment. For  Trent 800 series , we have capability to change the module and test while proceeding to develop project of Trent 700 module change as well; supposedly to accomplish in early 2014 as planned.

      The process of chemically and mechanically clean and  repair are of accepted standard and  we do perform plasma coat metals using an advanced model molten spray robot.   Among our precision equipment, we operate  the biggest Vertical Turret Lathe ever made. The one-storey tall lathe can cut and trim metal pieces to a maximum diameter of 2.6 metres.

      THAI Technical do have our own  test cell capable of generating a maximum thrust of 150,000 pounds. This modern facility enables us to run General Electric CF6-80C2 and Rolls-Royce Trent 800 engines to full power while executing computer control checks using programmes developed by engine manufacturers. We do test FADEC engines and replace their components. We are now cooperation with Rolls Royce to enhance capabilities on Trent 700 being supported by CERES software engine test. When done, our engine shop will be capable to test Trent 700 in 2014.

      THAI Technical Department Engine Shop has not only been  approved and certified by  Department of Civil Aviation Thailand , but we are also recognized and approved by the reliable authorities as  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and  European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

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