Component Overhaul


      The maintenance of hydromechanical, computer, electronic, and avionics components is one of the biggest, most expensive concerns for today's airlines. We are well aware that airlines do need a comprehensive facility capable of maintaining components to international standards with possibly lowest price. Many airlines have found the answer to their needs in THAI Technical Department.

      Thai Airways International is one of Asia's most reputable airlines. THAI Technical Department has kept pace with the airline's dynamic growth and now being ranked as one of the best facilities in Asia.

      We are capable of handling maintenance requirements for most Boeing, and Airbus models including McDonnell-Douglas model as well. With a wide range of precision components we can replace a plane's malfunctioning unit within hours, saving the airline a trip to home base.

      Built to strict FAR class 2 standards, our hermetically sealed IERA work shop employs the latest ATEC Series 6 enabling us to analyze all avionics, including navigational components and on-board central computers for the A300-600, A310, A330, A340, B737, B747, B777 and MD-11 series.

      We maintain our own Standards Laboratory, where we can perform calibration by ourselves to ensure precise measurements. The facility operates to International Standards Laboratory Requirements based primarily on "ISO/IEC Guide 25" Calibration Systems Requirements. All standards are traceable to the world's most respected Standards Laboratories.

      In short, if you are searching for a maintenance facility which well- recognize aviation philosophy in maintenance of proven record of reliability with cost-effective service charges, look no further than THAI Technical Department.

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