Suvarnabhumi Base


      At Suvarnabhumi Airport, THAI Technical Department offers modern Line and Light Maintenance services. THAI maintenance center, covering the area of 190,400 square meters, including 24,300 square meters hangar, which is the largest hangar in Southeast Asia which can simultaneously accommodate three extra wide-body aircraft maintenance such as Airbus A380.

      To ensure effective management and administration, a Maintenance Control Center at Suvarnabhumi Airport has been set up and fully equipped with modern supporting systems. Furthermore, the workshop is also equipped with state-of-art equipment and technology as well as testing system including over 200,000 square parts inventory.

  • Landing gear change
  • Wheel & Brake Workshop
  • Sheet Metal Workshop
  • Painting Shop
  • NDT Shop
  • Welding Shop
  • Emergency Shop
  • Tools & Equipments Repair Workshop
  • GSE Workshop
  • A-Check and C-Check for A380
  • MCC to handle all problem of Line Maintenance
  • IFE Shop, Oxygen Refill Shop, Carpet Shop, Battery Shop, Strecher Shop
  • Base : Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  • 3 Bays for A-380 size aircraft hangar
  • Size length 270m. x width 90m. x height 45m.
  • Maintenance Apron 26,100 sq.m.
  • Workshop 5,315 sq.m.
  • GSE 4,833 sq.m.
  • Aircraft Spare Parts Store 19,872 sq.m.
  • Office & Building 21,450 sq.m.
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